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    About journeymanbooks

    Our Story

    Albert Einstein once said, "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." This curiosity is something that makes our lives worthy. And to cultivate curiosity inside, one needs to have an open mind, needs to be perceptive about his surroundings. A habit of reading can develop this perceptiveness. But we are losing this precious habit of reading these days, which is ominous indeed! After a hectic day due to traffic jam, Dhaka city dwellers seldom have interest to go out to buy books. And where is the time anyway? In outside Dhaka, rarity of books is big enough obstacle to make people less interested to books. Internet addiction is another issue which inhabits places in our minds which we once reserved for books. To solve all these diverse concerns journeymanbooksdot com started its journey in January 19, 2012. Today, a reader from Teknaf is receiving the same book another reader from Dhanmondi is receiving at their doorsteps. The success of journeymanbooksdot com from its beginning makes us believe that the people of Bangladesh never lost the habit of reading from the deep cores in their minds. The habit of reading is reviving. Today, most internet addicted youngsters are often having a glance through journeymanbooksdot com website. To involve books with the daily-lives of the people of our society is our challenge. Because, these society is ours and it is our era. The impact of books to develop this society and to expand the possibilities of our time is undoubted. Our aim is to reach all the people who believe this truth and who do not. Readers won't have to find books anymore, books will hit the road and find their addresses. Along with books we deliver other necessary accessories. To ensure our service quality, we launched our own courier service in 2014. Although till now journeymanbooks courier works in Dhaka, Chittagong and Rangpur, it will spread nationwide with time. We have our own call center to provide maximum convenience to our customers. Here they can query for the quality and everything before buying. journeymanbooks customer care is open for 7 days a week from 9.00 am to 11.00 pm. Pay the bill in any way that suits you. You can pay after having the product in your hands (cash on delivery); or you can use mobile banking, credit card or online services such as PayPal or Payza.

    Development Programs

    journeymanbooks.com is never obsessed with sells and marketing only. To make skilled and trained manpower is another challenge and we are working our best for it. We have three types of development programs-
    • Youth Development Program
    • Mental Health Development Program
    • Skill Development Program
    As a part of Youth development program, we started "Bangachi Shova" and "Team journeymanbooksdot com". Team journeymanbooksdot com is a talent hunt and skill development program where we give opportunity to underprivileged youths who have strong desire to be a cricketer.