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    Emilias Days and Nights

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    Product Description

    Fifty poems consist of fifty stories. And the fifty stories summarize this novel “Emilia’s Days and Nights”. It’s a great curiosity to know what specific piece of literature it is referring to: “the collection of poems?” or “the collection of stories?”.  Interestingly, before the story by reading. Probably the reader with his/her questions has met the answers by this time. Still many questions either small or big ones come up into the minds of a reader. And with it, a new question “if it is written for children or adult readers” arises.

    Emilia echoes the grown-up people of her time in her tiny voice. The stories bear the imagination, the thoughts, the dreams, and the reality in such a way that it mirrors the complexity of existence, the ideology of life in an uncomplicated manner. The story of how Emilia was survived after losing her parents, how she was growing up is reflected in fifty poems in such a way that it turns “Emilia’s Days and Nights” as a beautiful piece of literature.

    Title Emilias Days and Nights
    Author Anisur Rahman
    Publisher Journeyman
    ISBN 978-984-92913-6-7
    Country Bangladesh
    Language Bangla


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